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Meeting in Estonia

Estonian program 13.-18.05.2014Tuesday, 13.05.201416.20 17.00)Welcoming Hungary at Tallinn Airport ( taxi to the hotel about 20 € or public transport 1.60€ pp).23.45 Welcoming Belgium and Northern-Ireland at Tallinn Airport (to the hotel by rented bus).Registration at Rocca al Mare Hotel, 14.05.20147.00- 8.30Breakfast at the hotel (at the same time you can use morning sauna and pool).8.30Departure to Tallinn Nurmenuku Kindergarten by rented bus.9.00-11.00Reception at Tallinn Nurmenuku Kindergarten- concert, getting to know our kindergarten, performance by 5-6 years old children.11.00- 12.30 Power point presentations (outcomes of our project, results of the questionnaires, etc.) at our kindergarten hall (Belgium, Estonia, Hungary).12.30-13.00Coffee break (payd by Nurmenuku Kindergarten).13.00-14.00Power Point presentations (Malvern and Springfield).15-16.00Lunch at restaurant „Talleke ja Pullike" (about 20 €) (near our kindergarten, just across the street).16.15- 16.45Meeting with our head of district at district government.17.00-18.30Lecture and work-shop by Barbara Johnston at district government hall.Using public transport (ticket about 1.60 €) to our dinner place.19.30- 20.30Dinner at "Al Mare grill" (about 23 €).Walking back to the hotel (about 500 metres).Thursday, 15.05.20147.00-10.00Breakfast at the hotel (at the same time you can use morning sauna and pool).8.30- 13.00Coordinators meeting at Rocca al Mare Hotel conference hall (discussion about filling out our final evaluation and manual). Rent and coffee break will be payd by Nurmenuku Kindergarten. -13.30 Others will have opportunity to visit our Zoo, do some shopping at a big shopping center or walk by the seaside (all places are near the hotel). Free time!!13.30-14.30Lunch at the hotel restaurant (about 20 €).14.45-19.30Excursion in Tallinn old town and a little bit outside of our town (with a rented bus and walking) (guide 8 € pp).19.30-Free time in Tallinn old town, dinner at the place you can choose yourselves (this day is Tallinn`s Day and there are a lot of events taking place that day). Our people will show you some restaurants to choose between.Friday, 16.05.20147.00-10.00Breakfast at the hotel (at the same time you can use morning sauna and pool).Signing out of the hotel, luggage will stay there.8.40Meeting at the hotel`s lobby, walking to Rocca al Mare school (10 minutes).9.00-10.00Tour at Rocca al Mare school. 10-10.30Walking to Rocca al Mare Open Air museum (about 800 metres).10.30- 12.00 Old time school lesson at Rocca al Mare Open Air museum Kuie school hour program+half an hour free time walking at the museum, opportunity to visit gift shop, where is beautiful estonian handicraft)(ticket 3,20 €+ opportunity to use horse carriage at the museums territory- extra charge).12.00Rented bus from the museum to the hotel (picking up luggage).13.00-14.00Rented bus to Väike-Õismäe School (secondary district school).Rented bus to Hotel G9, at town center 14.30Registration to the hotel.14.30- 18.30Free time, opportunity to visit some restaurants, pubs yourselves, shopping, getting to know old town etc).18.30Rented bus will pick up all guests from the hotel.19.00-23.00Final evening with a secret program and certificates at Särgava Residence (about 10 €, the rest will be payd by Tallinn Nurmenuku Kindergarten).Rented bus back to the hotel.Saturday, 17.05.20147.15-7.50Breakfast (5 €) at the nearby bar "Indigas".Belgium will take their luggage and sign out from the hotel.8.00Departure from G9 hotel. Sightseeing at Lahemaa National Park with rented bus (guide 4 €).12.45-14.00Lunch at Palmse tavern (about 20 € ). to Tallinn, Belgium will be transported to the airport, the others afterwards to the hotel G9.15.30-Free time for Northern-Ireland and Hungary.Sunday,18.05.2014Signing out from the hotel, free time.12.35Northern-Ireland and Hungary leaving from the hotel to the airport, by taxi or bus nr.2 (in front of the Tallink Hotel, Laikmaa stop). Somebody from estonians will escort you, no need to worry!Rented bus for all days about 41,8 € by person.1 breakfast (17.05), 3 lunches (14.; 15.; 17.05), dinner (14.; 16.05): about 98 € by personGuide and ticket: 15,2 €

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