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Meeting in Belgium

Program in Belgium 14-18 november 2012 WEDNESDAY 14th NOVEMBER 2012 Arrival in Belgium (Brussels Airport) Magali and Karel will welcome you! Delegation of Estonia: Arriving at 9:05 . 10:36 (train to Brussel Centraal) Luggage in locker / Tour guide . Brussels (Grand Place – Manneken Pis – De Beurs) . Delegation of Hungary: Arriving at 11:05 . (departure 11:51 or 12:03)We have a lunch all together in Brussels Centraal 13:21 Train to Brugge (group reservation) 14:25 Arrival in Brugge Station (luggage in car of Rudy) 14:30-18:32 Guided tour in Brugge 18:32-19:12 Train to Kortrijk (group reservation) Train-tickets (Brussels- Brugge + Brugge Kortrijk) + taxes (departure airport-trainstation Because of a train strike we changed the program: We organised a bustrip from Brussels to Brugge and Kortrijk19:20 Check in at IBIS-Hotel Kortrijk. Doorniksestraat 26 8500 - KORTRIJK Double room 96 euro for 2 persons/night or single room: 82 pp./night You can have a lunch 24h/24h . pasta/pizza/snack… +- 15 euro THURSDAY 15th NOVEMBER 2012 07:00-08:30 Breakfast in Hotel IBIS Kortrijk 08:45-08:55 Walk to Kortrijk railway station 09:05-09:13 Travel to Vichte by train 09:13-09:25 Walk to the town-hall of Vichte and welcome by Alderman of Education of the Village of Anzegem: mrs. Greet Coucke 09:25-09:50 Welcome by the children of VICHTE “It’s more than boxes” + walk to the school 09:50-10:20 “Belgium” explained by children of the “kangaroo” class" coffee break + Belgian pralines (made in Vichte) 10:20-11:20 School visit Guided tour by the children of the 6th class 11:20-11:30 Transport by bus to the school (brand-new, opened on 21 of September 2012) of INGOOIGEM 11:30-11:40 Welcome by the children of INGOOIGEM 11:40-11:50 Aperitif (a good beer from our village: “Duchesse de Bourgogne” or “Barbe Rouge”or something else) 11:50-12:20 Lunch (sandwiches – coffee/drinks) 12:25- 13:20 Visit of the school: guided by Karel/Magali Adminstration: finances paying . Mieke Laridon 13:25-14:00 What do you have to know about Belgium? Our schools in Vichte-Ingooigem 14:00-15:00 Session 1: Presentation of 2 schools (powerpoint Who are you? What school do you have? What initiatives do you take about wellbeing of the children/Results of your questionnaire about wellbeing of your children 15:00-15:15 Coffee break/ Belgian pastries 15:15-16:15 Session 2: Presentation of 2 schools (powerpoint Who are you? What school do you have? What initiatives do you take about wellbeing of the children/Results of your questionnaire about wellbeing of your children 16:15-16:45 Session 3: “Nice to meet you” . getting to know each other. Giving the document . preparation reorganizing tasks 16:45-17:00 Musical intermezzo by the children of the music-art school of Ingooigem 17:10-17:30 Transport to Vichte Station or Kortrijk by bus - Arrival at hotel IBIS Kortrijk 18:15-20:00 Guided tour in Kortrijk (Grote Markt, Sint-Maartenskathedraal, Begijnhof, Broeltorens…) Toerisme Kortrijk Tel.056/277840 20:00-21:00 Restaurant “De Heeren van Groeninghe” Tel. 056/254025 http://www.deheerenvangroeninghe.bel Menu + drinks (wine/beer/water) - Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) with snacks - Pâthé produced from boar or deer with bread”brioche” and “mango-compote” - Boar fillet from the oven with apple, pear-in wine and croquettes - “Moelleux au chocolat” 21:30-… Return to Hotel/ Free time in Kortrijk FRIDAY 16th NOVEMBER 2012 Breakfast in Hotel IBIS Kortrijk Walk to Kortrijk railway station Travel to Vichte by train 09:00-10:30 Session 4 (in Town hall Vichte) Proud Boxes (movie) + The questionnaire of the parents about the wellbeing of their child– Proposition by Belgium – discussion in mixed groups and making the questionnaire about wellbeing and learning style 10:30-10:45 Coffee break with “karakskes”= chocolate speciality 10:45-11:15 Session 5: Presentation: What is a wall of fame? How can we work with it on school level? 11:15-11:45 Session 6: The Comenius project: reorganizing the tasks in the project What did we promise? What can each delegation do? Planning the visits to Northern-Ireland/Hungary/Estonia (Coordinators) 12:10-12:40 Lunch (Sandwiches + coffee/drinks) Visit the Old Church and the domain of the Old Castle of Vichte 12:47-12:55 Train from Vichte to Kortrijk 12:55-14:00 Free time in Kortrijk (Hotel IBIS…) 14:18-14:51 Transport Kortrijk to Gent by train group Arrival in Ghent St-Pietersstation… National Geographic Traveler Magazine has listed Ghent in 2008 on the 3th place “must see” – in the world!!! ( Tramway to Koornmarkt Guided tour by Pol Ostyn 16u20: Café Dulle Griet Vrijdagmarkt 50 9000 Gent choice of over 250 different beers Tel. (0)9 224 24 55 Guided tour Ghent City Brewery GRUUT – Grote Huidevettershoek 10 Gent tel: 09 269 02 69 Explanation about the brewing process + 3 tasters + speciality bites of Ghent (Cheese Ghent, pate Gruut (with Gruut Amber), dry sausage, Breydel Bacon, olives and mustard) 20:00-22:30 Restaurant De Foyer, Sint-Baafsplein Gent 09/234 13 54 . Salmon with soft stewed spinach (“en croute”) . Roasted duck breast with wild mushrooms . Tiramisu . Coffee/tea/drinks (wine/beer/water…) 22:30-23:00 Tramway to Ghent St.-Pieters Station 23:09-23.42 Train to Kortrijk-station Arrival at the IBIS-hotel in Kortrijk SATURDAY 17th NOVEMBER Breakfast in IBIS Kortrijk Transport by bus to Vichte09.00-10:15 Session 7 “Gardner-theory” session by Koen Mattheeuws from Art De Co, specialist in multiple Intelligence and Coöperative Learning Strategies in Flanders. Koen is graduated in Remedial Education 10:15-10:30 Coffee break with Belgian biscuits 10:30-11:45 Session 8:“Gardner-theory” session by Koen Mattheeuws from Art De Co, specialist in Multiple Intelligence and Coöperative Learning Strategies in Flanders. Koen is graduated in Remedial Education 11:45-12:15 Session 9: Discussion on the format and content of the Comeniusboxes (explanation F2 . Coöperation) 12:15-13:00 Aperitif offered by the parents Lunch Sandwiches + coffee/drinks 13:00-14:00 Session 10. Evaluation of the first project meeting+ discussion on the next project meeting “Thinking heads of De Bono” 14:00-14.15 Transport to Kortrijk (Ibis-Hotel) by schoolbus 14:15-18:30 Free time in Kortrijk 19:00 Departure from Hotel IBIS by bus to Vichte 19:15 Arrival at “Het Beukenhof” at Vichte: Farwell-walking-dinner -Toast with smoked salmon -Game-pâthé with “confit d’oignons”/ soup/ -Scampi with italian sauce/ -Wok of chicken with sesame and fine vegetables -Chocolate mousse with coffee During dinner we serve white and red wine and water or soda Photo + speech and certificates of presence by alderman of education of the village of Anzegem mrs. Greet Coucke SAYING GOODBYE 23:30 Return to Kortrijk IBIS HOTEL SUNDAY 18th NOVEMBER Breakfast in Hotel IBIS Kortrijk Departure day… Transport to Brussels by train

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